Sine City by Valentina Patzig

Pieces of Patzig

"About the Sine City collection and Pieces of Patzig"

I started painting about seven years ago on a soul impulse. Through the years I have tried all kinds of materials and styles, but I have always returned to my starting medium, acrylic painting.

Inspired by various pop artists and traditional tattoo artists, at some point I started to create not only on classic substrates, but also to look at vintage jackets as canvases. Leather and denim jackets are my favourite to wear, so it was obvious for me to start my first attempts on my own jackets.

In the meantime, I have already done several commissioned works for young and old, successfully collaborated with Sine Linea and paint the jackets that come into my hands freely according to my own taste.

In such a case, my motifs arise rather spontaneously, associatively, when I discover a new old jacket. This makes them as diverse as the jackets themselves.

Probably freedom is my starting point, my motivator.

Everything is possible, at least on the back of a jacket.