Philipp Kühn about the 24/H WACH Collection with SINE LINEA

"Through Sine Linea I can express myself and make a mark at the same time."

Philipp Kühn, 26 years old, is studying acting at Alanus University. He has been artistically active for two years and is fully absorbed in it.
"I have a lot of energy that I can transform in a meaningful way."

For Philipp there are no limits to art.

Phillip is a nude performance artist who likes to create nude in front of the canvas or sometimes at a techno rave. Phillip paints and installs barbed wires on pictures that he has washed out in the waves on the beach for days. In just a few months, in the breath of collaboration with Sine Linea, he has sewn, cut, dyed, printed, including everything needed to create fashion/art.

The name "Sine Linea" which means "without line" in Latin, does full justice to his attitude.

The topic "24/WACH , which Philipp was able to contribute a lot with his sophisticated ideas and creations, is very close to him personally. 
"I myself had a heart operation at the age of seven and two operations on my groin. The conditions in the hospital are insufficient. For nurses and doctors, as well as for patients. As a patient you also have to act like a machine to adapt to the rhythm of the hospital's activities. You are put under total pressure, which is not due to the staff, but to the circumstances."

With his creations Philipp wants to create an awareness of this in society.

The hope lies in the possibility that everyday hospital life will one day become what it actually should be.

A place where sufficient and, above all, well-rested staff can meet emotionally comfortable patients and together they can fully focus on their recovery.