If design meets ART. Frederik Schlechting from WRY about the WRY X LINEA Collaboration


is a Barcelona and Cologne based designpractice. WRY was founded in 2008 by Dominik Thieme and Frederik Schlechtingenas a graffiti-crew. After 10 years of life- and graphic design studies, WRYNATION now developes creative solutions for a wide range of clients, offeringsupport to cultural institutions and digital brands.



Last summer we shot a fashion show in a penny store and then projected the whole thing at the Brüssler Platz in Cologne. Our idea was to convert real things into digital and then to transform them back into public space.


During the action a resolutely introverted young man spoke to us about our motivation.



a few weeks later we sat together with sharpened knives to file out the core of SLC. Frederik acted as a rational sparring partner.


A few months later the new CI of SLC was ready which underlines the dynamic process of our design.


Domenic designed as typo head the corporate font underdog, which is used for the logo and the website which decorates some walls and trains.


The young design agency still has big plans with no doubt. We are thankful that we are one of the building blocks of this rise.